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“Kernel for Outlook PST Repair recovered the erased data from Outlook archive file”
Esther Riveroll General Manager

Outlook archive data was deleted by mistake from the computer used by the Esther Riveroll, General Manager of Alldatum Business, and he was unable to recover the data.


‘Alldatum business’ is a leading big data business and consulting firm based in Mexico. It provides master data management services for reputed clients across Mexico. The firm’s General Manger, Esther Maria Riveroll Ponce de Leon, had all the archived data in Outlook that unfortunately got erased by mistake. The firm was not being able to recover the data. Also, they were not sure whether it was possible to recover the data quickly and without any loss.


While archiving, Outlook moves the archived data from the main PST file to the archive file. It means that the data will not be available anywhere else. So, when the data in the archived file was erased from the client’s computer, the client lost all the archived information, and had no other source to get it from. So it was essential for the client to retrieve the erased information completely from the archive file.


The issue faced by the client was the unavailability of data from Outlook PST file. However, it didn’t involve any corruption issues as in most cases. The Kernel Data Recovery team was confident of retrieving the erased information from the archive file by using its flagship PST repair tool, Kernel for Outlook PST Repair.

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair helped the client to recover inaccessible data, including the deleted items, from corrupt and damaged PST files. After recovery, all the recovered items were successfully displayed on its preview pane—with the deleted ones highlighted in red. Esther Riveroll was now able to save all the items or only the selected items to a new or existing PST file (or some other convenient format) in the desired location. Later on, the client added this PST file to the Outlook profile to access its items.


Kernel for Outlook PST Repair helped Esther Riveroll to swiftly recover all the erased data from the Outlook archive file, and access it again in Outlook. Esther Riveroll by mistake erased a complete archive file, but after using the tool was able to recover all the files successfully. The client was happy that the tool was affordable and the recovery was quick and effortless. *